Customer Support

At Awasco, customer support is one of the most important functions of our business. We offer a wide range of client support.

  • On-Site Support
    We offer continuing on-site support under both hourly rate agreements and fixed maintenance agreements depending on the level of client need. We can provide client on-call service on short notice, long term programming support and other needs as they arise.
  • Remote Support
    Though the use of such tools as Symantec's PC-Anywhere, Microsoft's Terminal Services, secure Browser access and Telenet connections Awasco is able to provide remote on-call service for a variety of application needs.
  • Telephone Customer Service
    Awasco has on-call service available during normal business hours with a live experienced technician avaliable to help solve our client problems. We provide technical advice, quick programming fixes and other services without waiting and no maddening corporate menus. Services include solutions for web site problems, e-mail problems, database problems, connection problems and many other issues.